SEO Trends for 2015 – Infographic

SEO Trends:

The world get modernized as well as digitalized because of internet growth. Nowadays, traditional marketing is being replaced with modern marketing which uses the SEO technology as backbone to build leads to their firm.

Here the list of SEO trends for 2015 and a screenshot to explain the do & don’ts factors in Modern Marketing technology. So that you can sustain your branding, SERP and can increase your leads for this year too.

  • Content is King, so it continues to Rule them All
  • Social media Signals will Become Even More Important for SEO (controversial)
  • The Rise of Security as a Ranking Signal
  • Do Mobile Friendly SEO
  • Increased Focus on Conversational Keyword Phrases
  • Link Building is more important as well
  • Increase your online presence in the form Images, videos, infographics. eVisual Based SEO

Bye Keyword Rankings…. Hello ROI… Finally, SEO in 2015 will switch its primary focus from mere keyword rankings and focus on more important elements that would impact your ROI greatly.