What are the Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist for 2017

You can find new platforms, devices , opportunities raising up in Digital Marketing every year. New trends and changes of 2016 may vary for the coming year 2017.

You know how Google presented Organic and paid results this year? Some paid ads on every result page has led to increase in the competition for few of the ad spots. There was a change in Google’s SERP too this year. And the most important update in digital marketing for this year is they gave high importance to the mobile responsive sites.

Day by day ROI and analytics show their increase in the ranking factor. Digital Marketing factors are moving rapidly and there are changes and updates every year. Track the results you get in the digital marketing by conducting many campaigns.

So to make the webmasters work easier, i have created the following checklists.

Digital Marketing Strategy Checklists for 2017:

Proceed below to check out the various strategies to implement in 2017 for the better conversions and leads.

Checklist 1: Lay the Strong Foundation

For a standard apartment or home, you definitely need to focus on strong foundation. Similarly when you take Digital Marketing , check and track for the value proposition factors for driving conversions. Know which factor of your business is making better conversion.

Checklist 2: Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your content so that it will be easy to grab all the leads easily. While you take search engine optimization, the two important techniques is Off page and On page optimization, while taking on page there are regular set of steps to follow. Effective content with white hat technique will help in getting more leads for your business.

Checklist 3: Content Creation

Content is the king in Digital Marketing. Without content you can’t even imagine the success of Digital Marketing field.

Be unique, attractive, related, push images, videos, info graphics into your off page sides to improve your keywords gradually and perfectly.

Checklist 4: Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the effective marketing to succeed in your business. There are many email marketing techniques you need to follow while you pursue it. Attractive subject lines and Call to action will get more leads for your website.

Checklist 5: Social Media Marketing

Once you are ready with the content, the next step is to promote your website, social media are the best promotion platform where you will be able to grab more number of customers, traffic and conversions for your site.

Checklist 6: Measure the results

Once you have completely done with your promotions, you need to know how effective your optimized posts and process are. So track your results through many different tools like google analytics, open site explorer etc…

Checklist 7: Advertise your website

Advertising your website will help in knowing the brand popularity among the crowd. Local search, advertising should be optimized and then performed well.

Hope this checklist helps you to take your digital marketing to the next step and also make you shine out in the crowd.

What type of checklists you follow as a Digital Marketer to succeed in 2017? Share your ideas and tips with us in the section below.