12 Tips to help for a new SEO career – John Alexander

I came across one blogs – Search Engine Workshop by John Alexander. Its really fantastic article for SEO Career.

12 Tips to help build the foundation for a new SEO career

TIP 1. Set your focus on your clients success.

TIP 2. A difference in your performance is a difference in your profits.

TIP 3. Have confidence in your own strategies and explore profit sharing.

TIP 4. Don’t forget community and charitable work.

TIP 5. Work on Relationship building and position yourself for success to come.

Tip 6. Set your course of action and get started.

Tip 7. Choose which voices you choose to listen to carefully.

Tip 8. Run a balanced business.

Tip 9. Don’t forget to recognize and be thankful for the progress you’ve made.

Tip 10. Give something back to your community (with gladness).

Tip 11. You must be willing to change and take action!

Tip 12. Surround yourself with the high quality people!

In depth, for more information please check out this article –  http://www.searchengineworkshops.com/articles/career.html