Affiliate marketing

Improve your Content Marketing Strategy

When we consider the various ways to increase the content marketing strategy we should always keep customer wants and needs in mind. Basically we have to know the needs of clients. There are certain steps that will assist you to improve your content marketing strategy. Know What Kind of Information…
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Guideliness to Update Our Search Quality Rating

Google webmaster central blog has recently posted about the Google search rating guidelines. This post makes an attention to the people like webmaster, SEO agencies across the country. The primarily guidelines of the search rating are Page Quality (PQ) rating and Needs Met (NM) rating. Page Quality (PQ) rating          …
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Tips for Affiliate Marketing Managers

Every merchant should create keyword lists for affiliates to work from. A keyword list helps both PPC and natural search affiliates. By defining themes you can reap traffic benefits that your own site does not focus on. For instance you may sell Ipods and accessories but you cannot expect to hit every keyword or…
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