Guideliness to Update Our Search Quality Rating

Google webmaster central blog has recently posted about the Google search rating guidelines. This post makes an attention to the people like webmaster, SEO agencies across the country. The primarily guidelines of the search rating are Page Quality (PQ) rating and Needs Met (NM) rating.

Page Quality (PQ) rating

          The ultimate goal of PQ rating is to evaluate how well the page fulfills the need of the purpose. There is a different standard for different types of pages, so when evaluating particular page first understand the purpose of the page. Overall PQ rating offers five rating options: Lowest, Low, Medium, High and Highest.

High quality pages are satisfying and achieve their purpose well. Websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic.

Highest quality pages are satisfying pages which achieve their purpose very well. The topic of the pages is good reputation. The high and highest quality pages are distinct from the main content of the pages.

Low quality pages are unsatisfying the amount of website information. Lacking in page design, maintenance and updates..

Lowest quality pages are harmful pages, extremely low main content.

Medium Quality pages lack the characteristics of higher quality pages. The pages are mostly mix the quality of high and low quality characteristics.

Needs Met (NM) rating

NM rating focuses on mobile users’ needs and thinks about how helpful and satisfying the mobile users. NM rating offers rating options are:

Fully Meets (FullyM) – this category is special and applies to certain queries and results. All or almost all mobile user fully satisfies by the result.

Highly Meets (HM) – very helpful to many or most mobile user, sometimes user may wish to view additional results.

Moderately Meets (MM) – helpful to many or some mobile users.

Slightly Meets (SM) – helpful for fewer mobile users. There may be connection between the query and result but they not satisfying the users.

Fails to Meet (FailsM) – fully fails to meet the mobile users. The entire user wishes to see the additional result.

We can assign Rating Porn, Foreign Language, Didn’t Load and Hard to use flags to result blocks when appropriate. All these flags are query independent.

Click on the flag name to select i.e to change “No” to “yes”.

Relationship between E-A-T and Needs Met

Needs Met based on both query and result whereas E-A-T doesn’t depend on the query. Don’t think about the query while assigning the E-A-T rating.