A Simple Guide for an Effective Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the important step in bringing your keywords to rank in the top of search engines. Let’s look for the benefits of Guest Blogging first.

  1. You get back-links from good authority sites.
  2. You will be considered as an expert by the people.
  3. You will get a lot of targeted traffic to your site

Wow ! Amazing right. But how to do this guest blogging in a better way and get the targeted efficient results.

The first step is to find the targets for your Guest Posts. Here are some of the strategies to find your guest posting targets.

  1. Focusing on the google search strings.
  2. Guest Post Pages. You can find it by using Your Keyword  “My post on other blogs”
  3. Google reverse Image Search
  4. Through twitter and google Plus
  5. Reverse Engineering
  6. Blog Comments
  7. Pre made target lists

The second step is to research for your targets. You can do it in the following ways.

  1. Know what is good and bad.
  2. Have an link profile that is authoritative.
  3. Check whether it’s related to your site.
  4. You should post only high quality content
  5. Use compete and alexa for the targeted traffic.
  6. Social media is important have much followers.
  7. Enclose and check up your targets, improve it.
  8. Spend more time in Twitter, Blog Comments.
  9. Check for the relevant and perfect guest post topic.
  10. Know your audience knowledge level.
  11. Update all the content and the site info that are outdated.
  12. Go through the published guest posts.
  13. Check for the recent stuffs that are happened.
  14. Know the guidelines of the guest posts.

Third steps is to know the pitch. When you are making up with the email templates, make it effective. Start something specific related to the site. Your post should be short as well as sweet. Make their work easier, it should be a complete and engaging article for the users.

Focus on the content. Be unique and successful. Your content should bring visitors for your blog or website. After posting your guest blog successfully you should follow up with the posts.

  1. If you get any comments for your blog, respond it.
  2. Promote your guest blog in all types of social media.
  3. Sending a thank you note will make the bond stronger.

So guys please do share with us the ideas or shortcuts for making guest posting even more stronger and engaging way. What are your opinions and insights on this post, please do share it in the blog section below.