A Wordtracker keyword research question….

QUESTION: Why do you recommend that people use Wordtracker with the “” quotes turned on? I think I can find more words with the quotes turned off.

ANSWER: Your objective in research for organic optimization is not to collect thousands of keywords.

When you leave the quotes in Wordtracker turned on, it forces the keywords to be considered as “whole phrases” or “clusters of words” that are very revealing. They are often much more telling than single words and will often reveal interesting content opportunities.

Now if you are searching for huge lists of words for some other reason such as PPC? That might be fine, but I still find more interesting and revealing behavioral trends with the quotes on.

One person caught me by surprise one day when they said they were not using Wordtracker for SEO research or optimization. Apparently they were creating crossword puzzles! Go figure.

In any case, we teach students how to look deeper than researching keywords. We believe that it is much more powerful to research exactly how keywords are being used to reveal search behavior.