Android Wear – Wearable Watch by Google

Google has released its brand new Android wear which is a new version of Android operating system. It has been designed like a watch and it is an admirable.

As Mr.Sundar Pichai, senior vice president for Android, Chrome and Apps stated in the latest blog post from Google “”Most of us are rarely without our Smartphone’s in hand. These powerful supercomputers keep us connected to the world and the people we love. But we’re only at the beginning; we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with mobile technology. That’s why we’re so excited about wearables”

Android Wear from Google

The unique features of this are:

Useful Information on any time and any where: This Android wear consists of various applications which means, you can be always in touch with your latest posts and updates from your social applications. Can receive chats from messaging applications and even notifications from news and shopping and it has much more…

Answers for all your questions: You can get straight answers from your questions. This is called as “ok Google”. You can simply spell “ok Google” to ask your questions to get answers. You can ask how many calories an apple has or a banana? And you can ask your travel information’s about flight departures and arrivals or even your favourite team score. You can use this option for booking a reservation in your desired restaurant.

Inspect your fitness and Health: Since this android wear enables alert facility you can set alert for your daily exercise regime since you can get fitness summaries, it is very easy to inspect or monitor your improvement in fitness. This provides effective fitness applications that analyse your exercise activities including cycling, walking or running.

Your Bridge for Multimedia World: You can access and control other devices from your Android wear itself. You can play your favourite movie or a song through a command through “Ok Google”.

“Because Android for wearable’s works with Android’s rich notification system, many apps will already work well. Look out for more developer resources and APIs coming soon,” Pichai said.