Chennai Digital Marketing and SEO Meetup 2012

Thanks to Vinoth for wrote this post about Chennai Digital Marketing Meetup 2012

It has been a long time now since we have planned to organize a digital marketers community meet up in Chennai!

You know what? Finally it has happened 

CDMG oct 2012 Invitation

Background Story

On 16th October we have started to think little seriously about this meetup. Abdul Malick took initiative and posted regarding the same in LinkedIn. Since then everything started happening one after another. Mr Anand Nataraj, provided his office space for hosting this meetup.

Then we created an event in Facebook and started inviting friends and colleagues. People started showing interest and we got overarming good response. Actually it was a very rainy week, but we had very huge confidence that our digital marketing community turn-up for this meetup.

Core team formed with AbdulYuvarajGanesh, Srini and Me for organizing.

abdul @ CDMG

Yuvaraj @ CDMG

Vinoth & Srini @ CDMG


Everyone took responsibility and got involved in all the activities. We had brief discussion about the plans, since this is the first time we are conducting this kind of meetup in Chennai. Actually we are not sure what to expect.

But, we had a solid Idea, our thought process was very simple. As a digital marketer, what I will expect in any community meetup? we asked this question to our-self and drafted the event accordingly. We have very clear that this is not going to be a formal event/conference kind of stuff! where one will talk and others will listen.

That is how we are planned for this Meetup.

Meetup Day

We 5 rushed to the location 1 hour before and made all the required arrangements.

Event started by 11 and We had around 35 participant in the meetup. We started the session by giving introduction about us and then asked participants to introduces themselves.

Then we have given options to the participant, Also we wanted to make sure that topics are dynamic once. Everyone wanted to discuss about the challenges they are facing in search marketing. So, we started to ask what are the challenge ?

Participant started to open up and came with the questions and suggestions, below mentioned topics were some of the key topics discussed during the meetup,

  • Google AdWords or Facebook ads
  • Social Signals
  • How to became leverage social media,
  • Tools,
  • penalty,
  • Best practices,
  • Content marketing,
  • Future of SEO

Audience were very engaging. we made sure that each and everyone of them were asking questions/speaking about their challenges. We were moderating the discussion and when required Myself and Yuvaraj answered and suggested the participant what to do and how to do.

Meetup carried on for 3 hours and we had good networking session. We asked everyone to give their feedback. Feedback’s were very positive and everyone wanted us to conduct this meetup once in a month!

Chennai Digital Marketers Oct 2012 Meetup

This first Chennai Digital Marketer’s Meetup is a Huge success. Meet you all in next meetup very soon!

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