Do’s & Don’t of SEO – Infographic

Do’s & Don’t:

With the ever changing Digital World, SEO factors also get change. SEO is critical for businesses to understand what will benefit and what will harm their organic search efforts for their business website. To showcase the SEO factors briefly Do’s & Don’t of SEO infographic were presented. With this knowledge you can build your SEO track smoothly and confidently. Good SEO practice can help your business website stand out from the crowd. With Google and other search engines ever changing the rules of SEO requirements, it is imperative for companies to keep abreast of new and ever-changing industry norms. Changes in the past year alone to Google’s search algorithms are included in this infographic such as Pigeon which now awards relevance to different geographical areas, locations and geo-tagging.

Key Takeaways:

Infographic will prove most useful and stated the Do’s & Don’t for the following factors,
• Be Accessible
• Engage in good Schema markup
• Publish Quality Content
• Engage in Good Linking Practice
• Improve User Experience
• Be Mobile Responsive
• Earn Social Signals in more Number
• Localise your Content