Email Marketing Tips from Aweber

Actually for today’s tip, I to mention something to be aware of if you do much permission based e-mail marketing.

This tip from Justin Premick of

Wouldn’t it be nice if ISPs made unsubscribing easier and more trustworthy for users (at the same time reducing your complaint rate)?

One major ISP is already doing so.

Justin Premick says that Windows Live Hotmail is the first major ISP to implement support for the List-Unsubscribe header. What’s the benefit? By adding a “list-unsubscribe” header to your outgoing email marketing campaigns, you enable ISPs to add an unsubscribe link or button into their user interface.

That way, readers who want to unsubscribe, but who don’t want to be bothered with locating the unsubscribe link in your email, can do so without clicking the “Spam” button in their email clients.

What Do You Need To Do To Use The List-Unsubscribe Header In Your Permission Based Emails?

If you’re an AWeber user, nothing at all – they automatically add this header to your campaigns for you. The less people who hit that Spam button and unsubscribe appropriately, means improved delivery rate for your newsletter.

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