Facebook Released a Facebook Stickered App for iOS & Android

New Facebook App for iOS & Android

Facebook has recently released an iOS and Android app called Stickered, which lets you place Facebook Stickers on top of your photos. After you finish placing the Facebook Stickers on your photo, you can upload it to Facebook Messenger or your Facebook profile.
How does Facebook Stickered work? Either you pull a photo from your camera roll or you tap the camera button to take a photo. After that, you can select one or more Stickers from hundreds of options. The Stickers can be stretched and rotated. When you tap on the Messenger icon, it opens that app and lets you decide which friends to send the photo packed with Stickers.
sticker app


Facebook has added several improvements and features to its Messenger app recently. Last week, Facebook updated Messenger with speed improvements and a new animation that shows when a message was delivered and read. Facebook also replaced the gray text that shows who has read your message with thumbnails of the faces of those friends. That feature is known as FacePile.

Facebook is also testing out photo frames for the selfie camera in Facebook Messenger. During New Year’s Eve, you can add a frame with a holiday theme. This year, Facebook stripped the messaging feature from its main mobile app and forced users to switch to a separate Messenger app. For this change, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that he believed a separate app would be a better experience in a town hall meeting.