Google Search Quality Highlights – 52 Updates on April 2012

  1. Categorize paginated documents.
  2. More language-relevant navigational results.
  3. Country identification for webpages.
  4. Anchors bug fix.
  5. More domain diversity.
  6. More local sites from organizations.
  7. Improvements to local navigational searches.
  8. Improvements to how search terms are scored in ranking.
  9. Disable salience in snippets.
  10. More text from the beginning of the page in snippets.
  11. Smoother ranking changes for fresh results.
  12. Improvement in a freshness signal.
  13. No freshness boost for low-quality content.
  14. Tweak to trigger behavior for Instant Previews.
  15. Sunrise and sunset search feature internationalization.
  16. Improvements to currency conversion search feature in Turkish.
  17. Improvements to news clustering for Serbian.
  18. Better query interpretation.
  19. News universal results serving improvements.
  20. UI improvements for breaking news topics.
  21. More comprehensive predictions for local queries.
  22. Improvements to triggering of public data search feature.
  23. Adding Japanese and Korean to error page classifier.
  24. More efficient generation of alternative titles.
  25. More concise and/or informative titles.
  26. Fewer bad spell corrections internationally.
  27. More spelling corrections globally and in more languages.
  28. More spell corrections for long queries.
  29. More comprehensive triggering of “showing results for” goes international.
  30. “Did you mean” suppression goes international.
  31. Spelling model refresh and quality improvements.
  32. Fewer auto-complete predictions leading to low-quality results.
  33. Improvements to SafeSearch for videos and images.
  34. Improved SafeSearch models.
  35. Improvements to SafeSearch signals in Russian.
  36. Increase base index size by 15%.
  37. New index tier.
  38. Backend improvements in serving.
  39. “Sub-sitelinks” in expanded sitelinks.
  40. Better ranking of expanded sitelinks.
  41. Sitelinks data refresh.
  42. Less snippet duplication in expanded sitelinks.
  43. Movie showtimes search feature for mobile in China, Korea and Japan.
  44. MLB search feature.
  45. Spanish football (La Liga) search feature.
  46. Formula 1 racing search feature.
  47. Tweaks to NHL search feature.
  48. Keyword stuffing classifier improvement.
  49. More authoritative results.
  50. Better HTML5 resource caching for mobile.
  51. Updates to rich snippets
  52. Another step to reward high-quality sites


Source : Google Insight Search Blog