Google update on removing right hand side Ads on search page reviewed

As per the new update in google now ads will be shown only at the top and bottom of the search page. The number of ads shown at the top and bottom will increase in number depending on the competitive search terms likely to compensate for the ads in the right hand side.

According to Google the new changes have been made in order to maintain consistent user experience across devices. The new layout is explained as a better user readability design. However, this move by google have even squeezed the possibilities for organic SEO. All marketers are not in the urge for speedy results. Many work for their sites through serious researches on the apt result of the search queries. This change from google has made the organic SEO more competitive.

Some suggestions on the effects of this change:

  • SEO will turn out to be much harder
  • High search terms and general search terms are seen more effected
  • More marketers go for paid ads for high competitive search terms
  • The campaigning and other paid promotion options will turn out to be more expensive with prescribed top or bottom slot.
  • Searches become more relevant for long tail keywords.
  • When it becomes more dependent on paid promotions marketers demand on more conversions.
  • More focus goes for branding.

From a common user perspective more ads will annoy the users when a tough competition comes into being.  As if now the update is restricted only to desktop and the mobile layout will be seen unaffected.