Google Webmaster Quiz and Answers

1) You have moved your site to a new domain name. For users and search engines, the preferred way to permanently redirect traffic is:

Correct answer: a) 301 redirect

2) Your server is going to be moved and unavailable for a day. What should you do?

Correct answer: c) Return “Network Unavailable (503)” with a helpful message to all requests

3) Your website is not in the index five days after you’ve put it online; what should you do?

Correct answer: b) Continue working on the site

4) Your homepage has 287 errors in the W3C validator. What is the maximum number of URLs that Google could index from your site?

Correct answer: d) All

5) You bought multiple domain names and want them to all show the same website. What should you do with them?

Correct answer: b) Use a 301 redirect

6) You need to remove 192 PDF files from the /private-files/ folder which have gotten indexed. What’s the fastest way to do this?

Correct answer: d) Disallow the folder in robots.txt and request removal of the whole folder in Webmaster Tools.

7) You need to prevent Google from indexing any content in the new folder /private-files/. What’s the best way to do this?

Correct answer: b) Use server-side authentication (username/password) for this folder

8 ) Your site changed all URLs from .php to .asp, what do you need to do?

Correct answer: c) 301 redirect the old URLs to the new ones

9) You have a country-coded domain name called To associate your site with Spain, you need to:

Correct answer: c) None of this is necessary. Google should already associate a domain ending in .es with Spain.

10) You have some pages completely in Spanish and others completely in English. How would you tell Google about this?

Correct answer: c) No need to do anything. Google should figure it out.

11) Which of the following is NOT against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Correct answer: a) Running tests on a site that result in some users seeing one version of a page and other users seeing another version

12) All of the following can be link schemes that can negatively impact your site’s ranking in search results EXCEPT:

Correct answer: a) Links to other sites that you think your users will find interesting or useful

13) What does it mean when a robots.txt file contains “User-agent: *” and “Disallow:”?

Correct answer: a) Allow all search engines to crawl your site

14) What does it mean when a robots.txt file contains “User-agent: *” and “Disallow: /”?

Correct answer: b) Don’t allow any search engines to crawl your site

15) You may see a message in your Webmaster Tools Message Center for the following instances:

Correct answer: e) All of the above

16) If you’re using First Click Free, the page displayed to users who come there from Google search results must be identical to the content that is shown to Googlebot.

Correct answer: TRUE

17) It’s generally a best practice to convey important content on your site with:

Correct answer: b) Text

18) Duplicate content within your site is unlikely to be problematic if:

Correct answer: b) You use the rel=”canonical” link element or the new Webmaster Tools feature called Parameter Handling to ignore specified URL parameters

19) You would like your site to be found for some keywords related to your content which are only found in images on the page. How do you do this?

Correct answer: d) Use the “alt” attribute or include the keywords in your text

20) Your Webmaster Tools account lists a lot of “robots.txt unreachable” errors. What should you do?

Correct answer: c) Contact your hoster or server administrator

21) Your Webmaster Tools account lists keywords like “viagra” and “ringtones” even though your site is about kittens. What could this mean?

Correct answer: b) Your site might be hacked (i.e., spammy comments in your forum, blog posts, etc.) / A hacker could have added those words to your site’s content, or someone could have spammed your blog with comments that include those words

22) Your SEO has created ranking reports for your site. The results don’t match what you’re seeing. Why?

Correct answer: d) All of the above

23) Your site was hacked. What should you do to remedy the situation?

Correct answer: e) All of the above

24) What’s a good way to submit an XML Sitemap file to Google?

Correct answer: c) Use Google Webmaster Tools

25) One of your pages is only listed with a title (but no snippet) in the search results. What could the problem be?

Correct answer: e) Any of the above

26) Your web shop has 100 products and a site: query shows 50,000 URLs indexed. What might this mean?

Correct answer: e) Any of the above

27) Google guarantees indexing for the following types of sites:

Correct answer: e) None of the above

28) You have limited bandwidth and would like Google to crawl your site less frequently. What should you do?

Correct answer: c) Set a custom crawl rate in Webmaster Tools

29) Your server has limited bandwidth resources and you would like Google only to crawl at night. What should you do?

Correct answer: c) Have your server respond with HTTP result code 503 to all users when it’s bogged down

30) Does the amount of money spent on Google AdWords influence how your site ranks in Google Search?

Correct answer: c) No

31) One day you read that a free security update–WyszKablamCMS v.2.7.8–has been released. What should you do?

Correct answer: c) Read about the update, install it, and address any lingering vulnerabilities or compatibility issues

32) One thing Google has found to be true: “Focus on the ______ and all else will follow.”

Correct answer: d) user

33) Your site is flagged as having malware, but you can’t find the malware. What do you do?

Correct answer: b) Post in the Google Webmaster Help Forum to ask for help

34)  Where do you put your robots.txt?

Correct answer: c) The root directory of your domain or subdomain(s)

35) “Unreachable robots.txt” in Webmaster Tools crawl errors means:

Correct answer: b) We couldn’t reach the robots.txt file on your server

36) The number of indexed pages shown in a site: query for your site seems to vary. This could be due to:

Correct answer: d) Any of the above

37) Your site has 200 pages, but Google only found 5 pages from your site. What could be the cause of this?

Correct answer: c) Even when a site is crawlable and indexable, it can take Google time to fully explore it

38) You are thinking about putting some links on your site for advertising revenue, which of the below is the correct choice?

Correct answer: c) Use the rel=”nofollow” HTML microformat in the <a> tag of the links

39) Disallowing via robots.txt prevents Googlebot from “seeing” 301 redirects, meta nofollow, and noindex directives.

Correct answer: TRUE

40) How do you help bots crawl your site more efficiently with If-Modified-Since?

Correct answer: b) Respond when appropriate with 304 “Not modified”

(via : Webmaster Quiz answers and Google Webmaster Central Blog)