How to Increase Your Website Loading Speed and be Successful

Nice to meet you all guys with a wonderful topic in my blog.

What comes in your mind immediately when you hear the word ‘Speed’ ?

The word Speed can give you a lot of meanings and refer so many varieties in this fast developing world. While you take website optimization, page speed plays an important part for the success for your business. Yeah today let’s see an short overview of speeding up your website .

What is the use of your site , if it is taking more time to load even if you have done every on page, off page, social sharing, revenues etc in a perfect way?

This is the main reason for many of us lagging for the search engine rankings of the website. So optimizing the speed is must for your website to be a complete and successful web page.

Recently Google DoubleClick launched a report referring that a mobile site is loading in 19 seconds in a 3g connection. And according to the same report your content page should load within three seconds or you would lose your 53% of your valuable customers.

Why Speeding up your site is important?

Think you visit a web page for some references and  it takes more than a minute to load. How many of you will wait and look for your queries there? How many of you will avoid and go to the next search results? Yeah mostly 99% of us would skip that page and go to the next one. High bounce rates are the results and you are missing the opportunity of your website to engage with the users.

As Internet speed is getting rapidly increased, we are expecting what we look at internet to be also faster. So if your website is getting loading faster, users will be able to look for your websites, products and all things and thus good user experience . they in turn can change as your customers.

How can you increase your page load time?

How to Increase Your Website Loading Speed and be Successful

There are many aspects you should note in order of your website to load faster. Google recently published a detailed guide of image optimization. Here are the ways.

  1. Look for the right image file type, size and load protocol.
  2. Choose vector format image file sizes for their quality resolutions in many websites. Also storage and bandwidth used is very low.
  3. There are many technologies like Gzip through which you can compress your SVG assets.
  4. Based on your requirements, choose raster images format.Clarity is very important.
  5. Always resize your image before loading to the website.
  6. Automate how much image optimization you can do to fasten your website.
  7. Lazy image loading will help out to speed up your web page.
  8. Look for the CSS and Javascript. Minimize it where you can
  9. Using Content Delivery Network(CDN) will help you for the faster access of your website.
  10. When there is a huge traffic to your website, this CDN will help you out.
  11. CDN also block spammers, less bandwidth consumption, able to balance loads between number of servers, thus website loading speed can be increased.
  12. Look for the redirects
  13. Try to avoid 301 redirects how much it’s possible.

This steps can make your page to load rapidly. But you have to maintain it in the same line for the success of your web page.

How to monitor your sites loading speed(Performance)?

  1. Google Pagespeed Insights will help to know the efficiency of your website for both desktop and mobile.
  2. Through Pingdom you can check for the website’s performance regionally.
  3. Select the right hosts for your websites. Check whether the hosting you choose are able to adjust with your site changes and accepting the terms.
  4. You can use third party options for speeding up the content.
  5. Google and facebook has now options for optimizing contents and measure the loading speed.
  6. Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP will help you to speed up the page.

Hope this one would help many to speed up the loading speed. If your website is still loading slow, it’s the right time to check for it. Do not wait, immediately start and check the activities and process that is causing your website to load slowly.

If you feel there are any alterations or if anything to be added, feel free to send us your valuable advice and points to be added in the below comment section. Wishing you all a good luck.