How to Select the Right Social Media Platform for your Business

Are you having any news that you think it should reach people in the Universe?

If Yes,then choose a social platform and share the News to it. That’s it. Your news will reach the people around the world at a short span. This is the effect of Social Media.

So now you are having a business, Performing all type of activities like SEO, PPC and many others,to grab the lead and succeed. Whatever activity you do to improve your website, sharing those to social media is the only way to succeed completely. Without Social Media your business will not reach to certain places or miles. Today let’s see about the various types of social platforms and how they can be used in the right way.

What are the famous Social Media Platform Right Now?

Facebook, Google Plus, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and few other applications are the most preferred one and popular social media platforms used for business right now.

Here are number of active users of social media platforms in millions.


How to choose the right social Network for your business?

  1. If you are concentrating on the  image based Networks to promote your business,then you can choose Tumblr,Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Twitter and Facebook will be best,if you need to promote for kitchen-sink networks.
  3. If you need to promote your videos,then using the Vine,Vimeo and YouTube would be the right choice.
  4. LinkedIn is the one which is  preferred for the business based networks.
  5. Google Plus is used for SEO and authorship networks
  6. Yelp and foursquare is best for location based networks.
  7. Reddit is preferred for niche based networks.

Before choosing a network, ask yourself whether the particular network can promote your business and reach the targeted audience. Analyze how many of them are spending on the particular network. If you have chosen the network, think whether you can make it successfully with the network and determine if you will have time for it.

Consider these factors before you choose the right social media platform for your business.

  1. Existing Profiles: You may have many social media profiles, from them check which social media profile gives you more traction. Growth indicators will help to choose the right platform.
  2. Followers and Engagement: Check in which profiles you are getting more followers and how people are getting engaged in each platforms.
  3. Traffic Generation: Check which profiles tends you more traffic.
  4. Customer and Conversion Value.
  5. Content Format and synergies.
  6. Customer Preference.
  7. Industry Synergies.

The important thing when promoting your social media platform is to

  1. Choose the right social media platform to run a successful social campaign.
  2. Analyze which network is yielding you more audience. How many times they are spending on your network.
  3. Based on it,showcase your content.
  4. Empower those practices to increase your ROI.

There are three major content type for promoting your business in social media platforms, They are Written, Video and Visual. Content plays an important role in all places, so make the content special, attractive and unique. So what type of Social media platform you are using in your business? Let me know in the below comments section.