New Smarter Results for Google Services

Google Smarter Results:

Now Google availing smarter results for Google services Queries to make it better. Google places special cards at the top of the page for the search results. Cards showcase the links what you looked for and also step by step instructions for that.

This special card results only for Google services, not for all search queries. When searching for go incognito chrome, Google shows step-by-step instructions for both desktop and mobile.

Here the screenshot to explain more for the query “Go to incognito chrome”


The list of instructions short but it direct to point along with icons and text is not from the page that’s referenced. The help center article includes separate instructions for desktop, Android and iOS, while the Google Search answer suggests things like: “Click the Chrome menu on your computer browser toolbar or touch Menu on your mobile device”. Another difference is that the title and the URL are placed before the answer.

Some more examples for this,

If you want to change your google account password, then the smarter result would be


If you want to create a new Google Account, then the smarter result would be