SEO Industry Metrics and Analysis [Infographic]

How Big is the SEO Industry on the Internet?

SEO is a process of improving the online presence of the web page or website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other more in the way of natural or organic method. Here this SEO industry infographic explains about how big is this SEO industry and their metrics on the internet.

SEO Industry – Interesting Factors :

  • 863 million websites globally mention “SEO” and Youtube has 164,000 videos indexed.
  • Every Second… 105 people lookup SEO on Google. It means that 9.1 million internet users are interested in SEO every month.
  • 2.24 million Americans search for SEO every month
    • 52% SEO visitors are men
    • 46% of men are ages 35-44
  • Top SEO Search Terms:
    • SEO Services
    • SEO Company
    • SEO Tools
  • Los Angeles, California is the #1 city in the US to search for “SEO”
  • The most popular month of the year for looking up SEO is March
  • The most popular day of the week for looking up SEO is Thursday
  • Top 10 Nations in SEO interest Ranking
    • India
    • Pakistan
    • Philippines
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Indonesia
    • United Kingdom
    • Netherlands
    • Australia
    • Germany
  • Twitter : averages 248,00 tweets each month about SEO. And there are 60,194 profiles where “SEO” is mentioned in the bio.
  • 13 million blog posts have been published with the term “SEO” in the title.
  • has 2696 SEO books available.

SEO Industry Infographic