SEO Philosophy and Skills

One of my SEO friend recently asked why I place such value on the importance of gaining a solid “SEO comfort level” with skills. It was a good question so I asked them, “what is the alternative to the essence of knowing exactly what needs to be done?”

They replied that their philosophy was “more or less throwing all manner of things at the wall and see what sticks.” I’ve heard this philosophy before. Everyone has a right to their own methods but my thought is that this only seems like so much wasted energy – for so few results.

It is certainly no replacement for building solid SEO skills and gaining understanding.

The key here is that everyone has their own personal philosophy.

That is really the key to where it all starts. We each have the ability to “choose” what we believe. Regardless of whatever your belief or personal philosophy on SEO is, we each have the power to choose.

With all of the getting of new tools, new e-books, new training, new new counsel – the single most important thing to “get” is to “get solid understanding.” True understanding tones your personal philosophy.

And why is that important to remember?

Your own personal philosophy about SEO, produces the attitude you have. The attitude you have leads to which type of activities you take part in. Those activities you take part in, then lead to the final results you achieve. The results you achieve are what really contribute to produce the current lifestyle in which you live.