SEO Strategies for Website

SEO Strategy

Using SEO strategies we can expand the website presence in the search engine.SEO sounds like a rocket science. With right combo of widget and that module, add in time, subtract theory and may be the equation will produce a correct solution. SEO Strategies is similar to solving the equation like optimizing certain things in the websites.

  1. Optimize the mobile search

Mobile search now a day become equal to the desktop search. If our website suit to mobile friendly then it boost our ranking in Google search. Double-check your mobile updates by testing through Google Webmaster Tools with Fetch as Google. To build a best mobile webpage, implement a strong SEO strategy from the beginning.

2.  Focus on variety of keywords

Mobile search audience may be looking for different content that the desktop search audience. Plan early your keyword strategy for both the search. Use Google Keyword Planner it helps to plan out accurate focusing keywords.

3. Don’t ignore social media

Social media presence can envelope the page ranking. Some of the social media are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. When you update the content of your in social media, automatically your webpage will pull up to first

4. Drain complicated URL

Website Auditor checks the integrity of the site’s URL s and links, such as data-based dynamic URLs that are too long and lacking in SEO-supporting keywords. 404 errors and broken links can spoil the search rankings, so identify these and fix as soon as possible

5. Long tail SEO still matters

Unique “long tail” searches comprise the popular of the world’s searches, so pay attention to what you can optimize on this end. Make an effort for the short golden keywords like “green juice” but knows how the customer interact with the product can increase sales with proper targeting. Pay an attention to optimize a unique “long tail” search

6. Pair up with PR

To increase more traffic may more inbound link to your sites. Make your content more simple and explain why people really what to know about your brand. Produce valuable content related to your websites with keywords used properly and tagged efficiently on your webpage to establish the brand as an expert in the field.