SEO Tips # 147 – Create the Content for Visitors

Create content that will meet your visitor’s exact search query and satisfy it.

When optimizing a page for a specific phrase, think about why an searcher might be using that specific phrase. If you are optimizing an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, are you truly delivering your MOST frequently asked questions? What do you think the background circumstances might be in that individual’s life when they search using very specific phrase clusters such as:

“infant pillow support”  (Would this attract parents of newborn babies)  “Meaning of babies names” (Would this attract “soon to be” parents?)
“expandable rv shower curtain” (Perhaps attract an audience of seniors who travel?)
“garfield shower curtains” (Someone looking for brand specific product?)
“COST OF LIVING canada to usa” (Is this someone thinking about moving?)
“How to Connect Headphones to TV” (Lot’s of folks looking for helpful tutorials.)
“wheres our economy heading”  (Why are individuals asking a search engine this?)
“Reasons against Capital Punishment” (People use the Internet to research hot topics)

Do your best, to understand WHY someone is using the phrase and create your content to satisfy that reason.