SEO Tips # 159 – SEO for The Frame Based Websites

Search engines having augmented problems with spidering a “frames based” website. I accept as true that there will be continuous problems and I advise a redesign to a non-frames environment. Note down that the URL included in the frames pages are being indexed instead of your appealing frames page, so if you include content from a different site in your frames page you are not receiving any credit for that content. You are simply affecting the other site to get spidered. It does not help you in the least in this case. If the content is from your own site and you need to use frames then there is an SEO tip that will help by reset up the frames environment for the website.

As a provisional, adding this to the top of each page included in a frame will result in having that page identify that it is being loaded outside of the frame and it will reset up the frame around this page:

<!– Hide script from older browsers
function changePage() {
if (self.parent.frames.length == 0) self.parent.location=”http://yourdomain/index.html”;
// end hiding contents –>

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