SEO Tips # 172 – Keyword Research in Word Tracker Tools

When looking for new windows of traffic doing your keyword research in Wordtracker what is it that you are usually looking for?

Do you take the logical approach of researching the keywords that first come to to your mind? Most people do exactly this same thing. They research the words that are already programmed into their minds, right?

The result of doing this will be that you tend to find all of the busiest keywords that the whole world is competing for. If you want to tap into much longer tail niche phrases that have real use but low competition (low hanging fruit)…..

Then try not to think about things so “logical.” It sounds crazy, but if you give yourself permission to explore “illogically,” you will tend to find much higher KEI values, much lower competition and much easier phrases to attract traffic, because now you will
be truly opening up and exoploring the data, instead of “guessing” at the same keywords everyone else is.

The key to quickly finding useful niches, is think about exploring the world’s “search behavior.”  Try to understand that as people use the Internet, there are conditions in their life that dictate how they search and why they search.

is still the most powerful window on the world’s searching behavior if you let it do all the hard work for you.

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