SEO Tips # 174 – Top visibility – Conversion

What is the next most important aspect to obtaining top visibility for a page?
If you guessed “conversion” you are right.

How are your high performance pages converting for you. Are there things you could do to help you convert more of your traffic into sales?

You bet there are. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a few quick and easy
tips that you can consider on your busy pages that are ranking well, but may not be converting to well.

Here is today’s tip:

Did you know that the right kind of graphic on your page can help you fulfill your page’s objective? If using an image of a person’s face, try to find one that is looking into the eyes of your visitor with a happy expression. People relate to the human face (particularly around the eys.) Try not to have your image glancing downward (which can signify someone feeling depressed.) Smiling happy people are who your audience will relate too and you might be surprised how effective the right image can contribute to your sales, if you put it on a page that has the traffic already coming in to it.

The most profitable Web site are those that are:
1. Easily found and
2. Able to compel the visitor to take action right now.