SEO Tips # 200 – Absolute Linking

Are you using a measure of “absolute linking” within your Web site?

Remember that for maximum benefit with this influence, you want to always have a “plan” or a strategy. You can pass benefit on to your important pages but stay focused on the pages you want to be found.

Pages such as you “policies page” or you “privacy page” or maybe even your “about us” page serve no useful benefit in the top rankings. Keep your plan focused on the important pages in your site that may result in conversions and new business.

An absolute link contains the whole URL for example:

It is said to be absolute because it can link to the pages absolutely
from anywhere on any Web site.

A regular link may only include the page name without the Http://www
This type of link will work within the Web site but not anywhere else.

The absolute link also has the benefit of passing a measure of PR
or Google PageRank on to the page it is pointing to.