SEO Tips # 204 – 5 in 1

Today SEO Tips #1:

Purchase domain names for at least two years.

If you only purchase domain names for one year, Google could consider the domains to be “throw away” domains.
SEO Tips # 2 :

One of the benefits of a Blog is that you’ll often get found under numerous highly competitive keyword phrases from your blog entries.

Be sure to post to your blog on a regular basis to keep the search engines and your readers interested in your blog.

SEO Tips # 3:

With paid inclusion programs like Yahoo!’s Search Submit, remember that you’re only paying for your submitted pages to be indexed. You are not paying for rankings. You still have to work hard to optimize your pages for Yahoo! and its family of sites.

Is paid inclusion worth it?
Sometimes it may be.

But you may also want to consider traditional PPC where you can pay for placement also.

SEO Tips # 4:

Here is a quick time saver for social bookmarking tool that that allows you to submit more easily to several popular bookmarking services, by instantly
pre-populating the submission forms with proper information.

Check out

SEO Tips # 5:

Don’t forget about the vertical search engines and directories when considering places to submit your site to increase your site’sĀ  visibility and possibly link popularity.