SEO Tips # 217

Challenge yourself!

How is your SEO comfort level with highly competitive keywords?

Next time you do your keyword research, why not stretch just a little more towards that more competitive keyword phrase.  Never stop growing your SEO skills and never stop testing all of your new ideas.

Did you know that many SEOs wait far too long to take immediate action with creating new pages for high performance keyword phrases that they discover in their research. Please don’t let your creative ideas sit too long but…work to implement your best strategies right away – today.

Ask yourself this?

What were you going to impliment later this week, (that you honestly could do today?) Take action and reap the traffic rewards that are reserved for the quick and the alert.

Did you know that if you write your content so that it naturally “reads very well,”  you will naturally gain some bonus for having created content of quality.

By this I mean content…that reads well to a human being.

You don’t need to stuff keywords all over the place. Instead, use moderation in everything you do. One of the things you need to understand is that “theme based” search engines like Google, are actually using a measure of artificial intelligence (AI) to measure how well your article “reads” based on all of the overall data that a search engine has gathered concerning a specific topic.