SEO Tips #56 – SEO Importance for Contents

In your last or current project, are you creating content that your visitor will be GLAD that they found? It’s good to examine our own work from time to time. Give it some thought and be brutally honest with yourself.

Are you creating that immediately assists in filling a specific search for information.

-Content of true merit.
-Something useful.
-Content that you can feel proud you created.
-Something helpful.
-Content of a nature that is so helpful, others may even want to
link to it or Blog about it?

Never get tired of exploring new ways to add value to your work and in the future, you’ll notice that much of the junky pages that are thrown together by Spammers in a rush, will simply no longer be able to compete. Not in value, not in ranking and not in productivity.

But the content you create shall stand the test of relevancy for many years.