SEO Tips #61 – Article Marketing

Source : John ( SearchEngineWorkshops)

I am posting this reply that I sent to one of our readers recently
as their seems to be a lot of confusion about duplicate content


Dear John,

How does writing articles not run into the problem with duplicate

(Name withheld)

Dear Reader,

Please let me explain briefly…

Articles are the same as news. They come under the rules that apply
to “syndicated content.”

They are both 100% white hat and search engines understand that
both articles and news are created for the purpose of “syndication.”

Genuine articles are “written” to be published across many Web
sites and they will never be penalized for duplicate content.

Duplicate content penalties primarily are triggered by people who
may, for example only use the same content over and over just
switching out a few keywords but not really writing anything that
is original.

In short, some people are attempting to use the same old content
over and over without ever really creating anything new or original.

If you are looking for short cuts, or grey area stuff, then your
articles will definitely be penalized by the search engines.

But if you want more proof that search engines believe in and support
“article distribution” and understand the value of “syndication,”
then check out the Search Engines “Creative Commons Areas.”

Both Yahoo and Google have Creative Commons areas where they not
only will accept your articles but they encourage others to
“search for” and “use your original articles” so long as they
follow the terms and conditions under the creative common license.

“If” article marketing was “duplicate content” or truly deemed as
Spam, then why would the search engines themselves be offering up
and also encouraging you to publish other peoples work?

I have been “article marketing” for 7 years and my partner
Robin Nobles who is one of the most visible writers in the
southern US, has been article marketing even longer than me.

I’ve seen days where Robin’s articles have reached over 1.5 million
people in just under 48 hours. That is extraordinary impact to a
Web site and it is all 100% white hat and legitimate.

Robin teaches her article marketing techniques as one of our
SEO Mastery Workshop sessions.

We have never had any articles penalized or never had any duplicate
content issues in the last 10 years that we’ve been writing.

Neither have any of our SEO Workshop students ever had any issues
either or we would surely have heard about it. The key is to learn
from someone who knows what they are talking about.

There are so many other people these days offering free advice that
is seeded with information that is “not accurate” or “not tested.”

The one thing we always have done, is we test everything we teach.
We practice what we preach. I hope this helps clarify.


———End of reply—————–

Writing genuine, high quality articles will never get you penalized
for “duplicate content” as long as you are doing it correctly. The
search engines understand that both “articles” and “news” are fresh
content that is meant for syndication.