SEO Tips : SEO vs PPC

SEO Tips

SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires some training and practice to gain the required skills to know how to accurately and precisely get top visibility on the search engines. However, once you have been trained and have the skills to get that visibility, people will find you in the top results and click on your links.

With PPC you have got to have a budget, because as the name implies, PPC is paid advertising. Everytime someone clicks, you pay for that click. With SEO, it is all free because you show up in the ordinary organic results. With SEO you never pay regardless of how many clicks you get.

So what are the advantages of PPC over SEO?

There are a few, for example it is pretty instant. You can have your campaign up and running within 5 minutes. SEO
does however take some time.

To be honest, a lot of people have lost money trying their hand at PPC. Whether you have never tried PPC, or if you have previously tried and failed, you should know that there is money to be made if you go about it the correct way.