Steps To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms in social media which most of us fail to use. LinkedIn is not only for business professionals it is for everyone.

  1. Do not use the profile photo like the one you are using for your Watsapp or Facebook profile. Use the professional one.
  2. Use the headline for your profile that explains you clearly to the viewers.
  3. If you are a person using a LinkedIn profile for your business use keywords of your business in the profile description. So when people type those keywords in the search bar your profile may appear.
  4. Link your website, Twitter and email details to your LinkedIn PROFILE.
  5. The experience section is the most important for LinkedIn. Make use of it and give all your experience detail in a creative and narrative manner.
  6. Create a special customized URL for your profile.
  7. Never forget to get endorsements for your skills.
  8. Connect with most of your colleagues and co-workers if you are a fresher this will take you to the next level.