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The Internet’s Most Hated – [Infogrphic]

Most Hated people on the internet

In this world, the area where the internet occupied is countless, each and every corner al people are using. This plays both good and bad, Internet hate thing is present within that which is filled with Racists, white nationalists, etc.

The internet’s most hated group of people. according to a survey

  • 53% of Internet Trolls were most annoying where 37% is unfriend due to their posts.
  • 51% of racists are most annoying yet 45% were unfriend from the circle
  • 42% of baby boomers said outspoken liberals were the most annoying in that 15% more than millennials.
  • 43% of Conservatives unfollowed outspoken liberals, yet 36% of liberals unfollowed outspoken conservatives
  • 40% of millennials said anti-vaxxers were the most annoying – 12% more than GenXers.
  • 21% of Feminist re noticeably annoying among that 15% were unfollowed by their post.
  • 14% of Anti-gay marriage believers are most annoying in that 15 % was unfollowed by their post.

Because of Multiple cultures and beliefs, they are bound to smash one another and create negativity.

The Internet's Most Hated - [Infogrphic]