Content In Tabs & Click To Expand May Not Be Indexed Or Ranked – Google


Content within “click to expand” menus or “tabs” in website, Google may not index or rank. The Recent news came to know by the discussion between Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable and John Mueller on Google+. Barry was covering a thread entered on click to expand content not being either indexed or ranked by Google. He decided to ask John Mueller of Google this query in live hangout on Google+ around one week back and received a surpassing response.

John Mueller said that content within “click to expand” menus or “tabs” may be “discounted” since Google knows you are hiding it from users. Google may not rank the page for the content within those sections because Google knows users do not see the content by default.

Here are two examples of tabbed content:



Seems like Google is saying the content within these tabs will be discounted.