Important Mobile Ranking Techniques and Factors @ Bing!

bing-mobile-featuredBing is a web search engine from Microsoft. Mr. Rosenberg, the Principal Program Manager, from the Bing Mobile Relevancy team has revealed some of the “factors at play” that determine mobile relevance and ranking in mobile results for Bing. Bing recently disclosed and launched new mobile crawlers for helping users determine different types of mobile content.

Currently, Bing is providing an explanation of how they determine which mobile sites are relevant for certain queries besides other factors, Specific mobile factors shared by Bing included:

  • Identification and classification of mobile as well as device friendly web pages and websites
  • Analysis of documents from the mobile perspective looking at content compatibility, content readability, and mobile functionality ( for weeding out junk such as pages reaching 404 status on mobile or Flash only)
  • Returning more mobile friendly URLs for the mobile SERP
  • Ranking of results based on above listed factors

Bing has also recommended the use of a responsive design approach for Webmasters. This ensures that the search engine major only has a single URL, a single piece of content to manage. Bing is now actively working on how to improve their manner of handling other forms of mobile content such as adaptive design, m-dot content as well as other forms.

Want to know more about the challenges for Bing crawlers as well as algorithms centered on mobile on Bing’s official blog post. Here, Bing has outlined why mobile relevance is important.Image-14

Rosenberg also stated the difference of non – device friendly search results & device friendly search results: Images as follows

Non – device friendly search results


Device friendly search resultsIMage-3

He has also stated how this changes search results, as can be seen below for a query (actor Matt Damon):image-41

Want to know more about this just go with Bing Official Blog.