Different Ways of Development in SEO Over a Decade

Nice to meet you all in an another wonderful topic in my blog, Everything in our globe changes and nothing is going to stay stable. Let’s take ourselves, it would be really very surprising to know how we were before a decade and how we are at present.

Very vast difference right?

Yeah likewise is our Search Engine Optimization .The growth of internet users had raised rapidly when comparing a decade. There were about 64 million websites in 2005, but at present there are more than 1 billion websites worldwide. The number of pages getting indexed by Google has also increased. More than 6 billion google searches are made per day . Before a decade , it was like 200 million searches. By these record you would have clearly known, there is an change over the decade in SEO. Here in our blog today let’s see the ways that how SEO has changed over the decade.

Seo changes over a decade

Here are the google algorithm updates and releases from 2005 to present.

  • 2005: There were 9 major updates happened in the year 2005. Google Analytics were released on 2005 . No follow was introduced.
  • 2006: One major update happened – Google trends got released.
  • 2007: Two major updates took place. Universal search was introduced, which brought many changes in the search results.
  • 2008: Google suggest was launched and another major update also happened.
  • 2009: Google removed Keywords meta tag in the web ranking. Rich snippets was introduced into SERP’s.
  • 2010: Google Instant was released and other major updates also took place.
  • 2011: Panda update rolled out , which had a huge impact in rankings and other ranking factors.
  • 2012: After panda it was penguin update. This also brought a vast change in ranking factors.
  • 2013: Google started to encrypt all the keyword searches and many other major updates took place.
  • 2014: Google announced that secure sites will be given high preference and other few updates also happened.
  • 2015: Mobilegeddon , which has a great impact on ranking factors and there were loss for the website that does not support mobile compatibility.
  • 2016: Penguin 4.0 rolled out on september 23, 2016

How SEO has changed over the decade?

There are many huge difference in SEO ranking factors and many at present. Here i have listed some of the ways that SEO has changed over the decade.

  1. Content is ruling now. If you have good, reliable, attractive and a unique content, then undoubtedly your website will be at the first page of the Google.
  2. Link Schemes are dead now. Only natural and valuable links from guest posts and link building is going to put your pages on the top of search engines.
  3. Without mobile compatibility, your website would have no value.
  4. Well optimized website has major edge in local searches. High authority directory websites are preferred by Google.
  5. SERP’s are often getting changed.
  6. Google’s Knowledge graph is now the priority.
  7. After the panda and penguin update emerged, usage of Keyword optimization has decreased.

A small prediction on future of SEO :

  • Mobile friendliness websites will rule.
  • Good and unique content websites will have a great impact.
  • Websites that offer easy and superlative user experience will be given more priority in the SERP’s.
  • May be Voice SEO would be given priority.
  • Traditional link building will help your website to reach you top in search results.

The people who understand these changes and overwhelming on , where the SEO is at present, they are really an better digital marketer. I think most of the people who are performing black hat techniques would have stopped and eliminated from your seo strategy.

Wish you guys good luck to be the best digital marketer. Let’s discuss more about this topic in the comment section. Can we?