How to Tackle SEO Errors and Originate Successful Results in SERP’s

Internet , Ruler of present young generations and even old ones. Here comes Search Engine Optimization which will help you in getting the right path.

What if a small mistake happens in SEO and your site goes upside down?

Its very hard to bring back your site keywords to the original top position. So be careful and note down what actions of seo you are doing for your blog or website.


Things you should have in mind if you are ready to start SEO for your website

  1. Do not copy the content and paste it from anywhere.
  2. Never go for auto generated contents.
  3. Be careful with Link schemes.
  4. Always original content have more weightage. So prefer original content for your website.
  5. Avoid cloaking.
  6. Check for redirects, whether pages are redirected to right path.
  7. Avoid hidden links or texts.
  8. No Doorway pages.
  9. Check for the limitation of keywords in any content.
  10. Do not use irrelevant contents or keywords for your website or blog.
  11. Do not create pages with malicious behaviors like viruses, Trojans, phishing etc.
  12. Never send automated queries to google.

Crawling and indexing is very important for the successful result of SEO, making mistakes here will completely down your site. Check out this lines in robots.txt

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

What if , this is in your website? Your web pages will never be crawled. So this is one of the important step to note it. If you have a noindex meta tag then what would happen? the same result, your pages will not be indexed. So check out for which sites you are giving a option for noindex meta tag. Another one is the canonicalization tag. It should be used correctly and in the right place.

Apart from this there are many things you should follow carefully for the targeted results. Perform only White Hat Techniques for the long term successful SEO results on SERP.

What if you are not doing this properly? Yeah penalty from Google is the result.

Here are some of the google penalization manual actions.

  • If your site is hacked
  • Spamming Sites
  • Structured markup sites that are spammed
  • If you have cloaked images on your website
  • Some spammy or cloaking redirects
  • If you have any unnatural link to your websites
  • If your sites are keyword stuffed
  • If you have done black hat or grey hat techniques
  • Unnatural content
  • Irrelevant keywords for contents

At present penguin is acting real time so we can expect google penalties taking place for many websites very soon. Now it’s not too late, check out for all further steps you have done for your website and if you feel you have done anything wrong, remove all that you have done illegally.

Overcoming these google penalties would be very hard . Getting back from these penalties will waste your time and you will be facing many hurdles.

Even a small SEO error would cause a great impact on your website. This will down your site as well as your business, so tackling this errors and originating successful results in search engine result pages is only possible if you follow the right guidelines given by the google and following the above actions.

If you have any queries or if i have missed anything in between the blog, please do drop your comments below, so that we will be able to know and keep the updates regularly.