Few Free Content Marketing Tools for Improving your Marketing Strategy

Do you think creating just a billboard is enough for you to grow your business in today’s world which is filled with a multiple marketplaces to connect with the customers? Definitely no. If you are selling a product and your content should have the accurate and related information regarding the product. An attractive content with relevant information will take your product to reach the targeted audiences and grab the leads to customers.

But what is going to bring up your content marketing efforts up? You have to think as a marketer and look as a journalist for making an offer for your product. Here i have listed few content marketing tools for growing your business.

Content Curation Tools:

Proceed for the content creation tools for improving your marketing strategy.

Storify: This is a content curation tool through which you will be able to connect with much social media elements.

Feedly: This is a RSS leader where you can get the latest updates on blog contents. This will look stylish and will be easy for you to add, sort and organize the content.

Content Creation Tools:

Check out the below tools for creating content for your marketing.

Visual.ly: You can make customized and high quality infographics content here.

Prezi : You can find a lot of presentations to present in the cloud. Through free versions 100 mb of presentations are possible. Paid option allow more number of features to go with.

Powtoon: Through this you will be able to make a video using animations. This will look similar like a video. You will be able to make a animated video fo 5 minutes.

Slideshare: You will be able to view, upload and share the presentations over the web and share across social media accounts.

GoToMeeting: This is the online webinar platform which will support for both desktop and mobile devices.

PlaceIt: you can upload images on your product over this content creation tool. Small images downloads are free, whereas others are possible through premium accounts.

Skitch: This is the Evernote free markup tool. You will be able to add shapes and highlight the features.

Tawkers: You can host live web chats using this tawkers. After the live chat it will be published in the site.

Listly: Create a custom lists and ask your customers to vote on the items. You can create engaging and fun content using this.

Share As Image: Super cool free app which will convert your images to content.

Quora: This is a question and answer site through which you will be able to find the answer for your questions, share your ideas.

Paper.li: You can create your own custom online newspaper featuring articles, newsfeed etc.

ThingLink: You can add clickable links for your images through this content creation tools.

Find the content creators using the below tools

Buffer: If you need to mark and share the article through the social media , you can make use of it.

HootSuite: This is a social media management tool through which you will be able to manage your interactive fans, reply them, and also you can schedule posts.

Tweetdeck: You will be able to manage your tweets, multiple twitter accounts. You can also able to track the hash tags.

Mail Chimp: This is one of the most useful email marketing management through which you can track all emails , organize contacts and emails etc.

DivyHQ: This is a calendar management system to keep you organized with your team members.

TrackMaven: Compare your organic, paid campaigns of your content pieces and compare your results with the competitors.

Click to Tweet: you will be able to create clickable tweetable links.

PR Newswire: You can able to send your press release to global database over 750,000 journalists and bloggers.

Here are the tools for analyzing your content analytics.

Google Analytics: Through this analytic tools you will be able to measure your website traffic, measure social media improvements and success and manage your reports and many more is possible through this analytic tool.

Buzzsumo: You will be able to measure your content performance over the social media.

Other Content Marketing Tools:

Ubbersuggest, Addvocate, Optimizely, Creative Commons, Gravity, SPUN for iPhone, Pulse, Trapit, inbound.org, Alltop, Twitter, Reddit, Buffer, Yoast, Inbound Writer, Followgen are other some of the content marketing tools that are used to improve your marketing strategy.

Hope this content marketing tool would help you in your business. If you have any queries or tips on the topic or else if i have missed any of the important free content marketing tools, please do share it with us in the comment section below.