How to Convince your Clients Regarding SEO & the Techniques you Perform

As a SEO Professional you will know all the major importance of SEO and what you have to do for a website to generate and increase traffic. But what about your clients? How do they know about the improvement?

If your traffic for your website get increased day by day then you can say your website is improving. But you cannot expect the tangible results immediately. It may take months or years to improve. But what about clients? Why they have to pay you if they are not getting their website improved?

If a client is simply asking just for a website without SEO but need their website to rank in search engine. IS this possible? No!

You have to make your client understand that SEO only can help their website to improve in the search engines. So how can you do that?

Let’s see today how you are going to make them understand of the importance of SEO for their website.

As a SEO Expert you will know all technical terms in your industry, but the client is not going to know if you are explaining about the SEO techniques through technical terms. This will be just buzzwords for them. So always be clear and precise about what you talk to your clients regarding SEO.

Don’t bring up every SEO techniques and explain it to them. Just it’s good to focus on the result you are going to do on doing SEO. Explain in a simple way so that he can understand the benefits he is going to get him through SEO.

What if you are explaining the importance of SEO and he gets  no idea of it? In place of the importance you can explain with an example. You can say it with your favorite analytics tool and show them how much traffic, conversions are achieved for the website your are doing now. You have to explain performing SEO will increase their website ranking in the Search engine ranking page. This will lead to the sales of your website.

Explain them SEO is user friendly, cost effective and a long lasting process. Show them up with some of the proposal you have for your company. Here are some of them.

Here is the set of SEO techniques i perform for my clients.

On Page Optimization:

The action that you perform on the site is On page Optimization. Some of the effective on page optimization includes Keyword Research, checking for the long tail keyword, phrases, targeted search volume for the keyword you are choosing, URL optimization, unique meta tag creations, header tag optimization, Alt tag optimization, SEO friendly URLS and structure, internal links, external links, multimedia dazzling, permalink structure, creating sitemap, robot, submitting it to the search engines, Configuration of Google Analytics, Google Ad words, tag manager , effective content for all types of keywords.

Off Page Optimization:

The action you perform off the page is off page optimization. Some of the effective off page optimization includes blogging, web 2.0 submissions, article submissions, directory, classified submissions, image and video optimization, social bookmarking, search engine submissions, info graphic, PPT, PDF submissions, Business Listing, content optimization, static and dynamic web page optimization etc.

Pay per Click:

This is a paid campaign, if you are not doing paid campaigns, it is not a problem for your page to rank. Through this paid campaign you can get the result easily and also rapidly. For immediate promotion of your website you can try this out.

Social Media Marketing:

Sharing your content in the social media is the effective method of promoting your website rapidly. Some of the social media marketing includes marketing in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc…

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