Google Analytics Treemap – Adwords Report

Treemaps Report:

Treemaps report were added within Google analytics at the end of 2014. Treemaps report visualizes AdWords data by utilizing nested rectangles and a red to green color scale. The treemap allows us to quickly spot the strong and weak areas of our accounts, helping us drive our attention to the right places.

Let’s see how the report works. In this two metrics were used. One is Primary Metrics and secondary metrics. Primary Metrics are impressions and cost represented by the rectangles surface area. Secondary Metrics are red to green color scale relative to the primary metrics. Like a traffic light, deep green shows good performance and dark red represents poor performing areas. The report works on a breadcrumb structure. We can click into any rectangle to go down a layer from campaign to ad group to keyword.

Treemap Image:


Treemap Quadrant image to gives an idea of which rectangles we should focus on,


Large green box
Shows an area that is doing well and bringing you strong results.
Small green box
Shows us an area that is doing well but low volume.
Large red box
Shows areas that need investigating. Reassess the keywords ad copy and landing page and try and create a better strategy.
Small red box
This shows low traffic and low conversion rate. Monitor these, but working on high-volume areas first is likely to drive a better return faster.

Clicks and conversion rate is just one example of what we can use and there are a multitude of primary and secondary metrics you can compare. Here are a few other examples to try to help spot which areas of an account to focus on first:
1. Impressions and CTR
2. Cost and ROAS
3. Clicks and % New Sessions
4. New Users and Bounce Rate