Google Launched Its Merchant Shopping Promotions in More Countries!

google-merchant- shopping

Merchant Shopping Promotions was launched in the US in the year 2012. But now Search Engine Giant Google has announced that it will be expanding Merchant Shopping Promotions to the UK, Germany, Australia, India and France.

Merchant Shopping Promotion gives advertisers the opportunity to display promotion code offers besides product listing ads in search plus their listings on Google Shopping.

Google also providing an interest form for those merchants who are interested in launching promotions. Search engine giant Google has indicated that it will respond to those who shows interest within a duration of 1 to 2 weeks. AdWords interface or promotion feed can also be used to establish and set up promotions.

Here the screenshot of the Google Merchant Promotions on Product Listing Ads on


US retailers who have participated in this have seen enhanced performance from Product Listing Ads.

An example of the Merchant Promotions on Google Shopping can be viewed below:


Want to know more about using this tool for promotions? Can check out Google’s Getting Started Guide.