Google New Search History Cards

Web & App Activity:

The Web & App Activity is the new Google update for search history and deals with searches and browsing activity. Search history card allowed you to pause or disable search history, location history and YouTube’s search and watch history. But this new card adds an extra feature is that there’s also an option to “include history from Chrome and other apps in your Web & App Activity.” If this feature is enabled, Google saves information like your Chrome browsing history, the apps you use and the data they share with Google. When you uncheck “include history from Chrome and other apps in your Web & App Activity”, Google shows this warning: “Pausing this setting may result in fewer content suggestions in products like Google Now or Google+, and some autocomplete suggestions in Search will not appear. Remember, you can search or browse in incognito mode whenever you want to be more anonymous.



In this new search history card, it includes pages for apps activity, voice & audio activity, device information. These pages will show the history of all activities of apps, devices, audio & video. These pages are also adds an extra feature to include history from chrome. To know it practically just try this link . Here the screenshots images for apps activity, device information, audio & video activity in new search history.

Apps Activity:


Device Information:


Audio & Voice Activity: