New Testing Tool for Structured Data by Google

New Testing Tool:


Structured data (microdata or adds additional information (markups) to your website. Search engines can understand these markups and possibly show them as rich snippets in the search engine results pages (SERPs), for example with an additional picture or a review. This helps your content get discovered across Google properties. Google were released several updates to help authors and publish markup on website:

  • A new Structured Data Testing Toolto better reflect Google’s interpretation of your content
  • Improved documentationand policy guidelines for Google features powered by structured data on the web
  • Expanded support for the JSON-LD markup syntax
Structured Data Testing Tool

The new Structured Data Testing Tool better reflects how Google interprets a web page’s structured data markup.

It provides the following features:

  • Validation for all Google features powered by structured data
  • Support for markup in the JSON-LD syntax, including in dynamic HTML pages
  • Clean display of the structured data items on your page
  • Syntax highlighting of markup problems right in your HTML source codescreenshot
New documentation and simpler policy

This new documentation is vocabulary supported in structured data based on webmasters’ feedback. The new documentation explains the markup you need to add to enable different search features for your content, along with code examples in the supported syntaxes. The old documentation will be gone off soon.

Expanded support for JSON-LD

Google extended its support for vocabulary in JSON-LD syntax to new use cases: company logos and contacts, social profile links, events in the Knowledge Graph, the sitelinks search box, and event rich snippets. Google were working on expanding support to additional markup-powered features in the future.