Google Search and Ads Day : Conference for SEO Webmasters and Advertisers

Learn with Google

Search and Ads Day Conference – Learn With Google

In 2009, Google India was organized SearchMasters,  a first event and conference for webmasters in India. Again Google has come up with new conference for Indian webmasters and advertisers.

Search and Ads Conference by Learn with Google:

Today, Google India Team are announces Learn with Google – Search & Ads. This is a  2 days conference with Search day dedicated to webmasters and the Ads day to advertisers in Bangalore and Mumbai, India.

Google Search Day :

The Google Search day is organized for helping webmasters to better understand Google search, algorithm, updates and organic results. And also this conference helps to in-house SEO experts on topics ranging from basics of how search works, advanced Google resources and SEO techniques to increase the visibility in search engine.

Google Ads Day :

This Google Ads day helps to understand Google AdWords and covering adwords topics like Remarketing, Integrated Shopping and PLAs, building a mobile business and more.

Event Details :

3rd July 2014 – Ads Day

4th July 2014 – Search Day

Mumbai :
10th July 2014 – Ads Day

11th July 2014 – Search Day

How to Register :

This conference is an invite-only event. You can register the form if you are interested to learn with Google. Google India team send out the invite on First come First Served Basis.

Note: Please remember that filling out the form does not guarantee your spot at the event. Event Registration closes Fri, Jun 27 2014

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Source : Google India