Google Webmaster Tools in 2014

Google Webmaster Tools Features in 2014 by Matt Cutts

Recently I came across one of the Matt Cutts blog post, in which he has listed out some of the features that we can expect at Google webmaster tools in 2014.

  • Authorship Verification : Make it easier/faster to claim authorship or do authorship markup.
  • Spam Reports : Improved reporting of spam, bugs, errors, or issues. Maybe people who do very good spam reports could be “deputized” so their future spam reports would be fast-tracked. Or perhaps a karma, cred, or peer-based system could bubble up the most important issues, bad search results, etc.
  • Option to download the web pages that Google has seen from your site, in case a catastrophe like a hard drive failure or a virus takes down your entire website.
  • Checklists or help for new businesses that are just starting out.
  • Mobile or Page Speed Report : Periodic reports with advice on improving areas like mobile or page speed.
  • Ping to Google : Send Google “fat pings” of content before publishing it on the web, to make it easier for Google to tell where content appeared first on the web.
  • Duplication Content: Better tools for detecting or reporting duplicate content or scrapers.
  • Page Validation : Show pages that don’t validate.
  • Broken Links Checking: Show the source pages that link to your 404 pages, so you can contact other sites and ask if they want to fix their broken links.
  • URL Removal Request : Better or faster bulk url removal (maybe pages that match a specific phrase?).
  • Fast and Better: Refreshing the existing data in Webmaster Tools faster or better.
  • Robots.Txt: Improve robots.txt checker to handle even longer files.
  • Site settings: Ways for site owners to tell us more about their site: anything from country-level data to language to authorship to what content management system (CMS) you use on different parts of the site. That might help Google improve how it crawls different parts of a domain.

If you would like to see few more additions. Please feel free to add those ideas in the comment section of that Matt Cutts post. #websmastertools2014