How to Migrate your Website from HTTP to HTTPS

Security is very important in each and everything in our day to day life. Similarly When its comes online, there need to be a security to secure your personal data and many official data.

At present 85% people are preferring online shopping to purchase any items that may be a household things, groceries, office furniture, daily usable items, Booking movie tickets and many more.

We do not know how the future of a website will be. HTTPS is very important in order for the people to believe your site is an secure one. So i have derived few steps to migrate your website to HTTPS.

Step by Step Guide to Migrate your site to HTTPS:

  1. Buy an SSL Certificate that is best for your business website.
  2. There are many different types of SSL Certificates available in the market, choose the right one for your business.
  3. Domain SSL are for the entry level websites. Only Email verification is needed for this type of SSL Certificate. Your website will be provided with HTTPS browsing with a padlock. No in depth verification process is supported for this ones.
  4. Organization SSL Certificates needs high verification process like checking the company’s ownership.Your company name and domain name will be in the browser bar while you choose this SSL certificate for your website.
  5. You would have seen a green colour highlighted in browser bar, that is possible if you are selecting Extended SSL certificate for your website. This certificates are more expensive and need more verification process like checking whether the company is legal, operational etc.
  6. After getting any one of these SSL Certificates you have to approve and install the certificate.
  7. Do not forget to backup all datas whenever you are making major changes to the website.
  8. Check whether you have Updated all the internal links in your website before you update to HTTPS. If you are not doing this then you will get 404 errors on such pages.
  9. Before changing your website to HTTPS, check the code libraries. You have to check with your web developer regarding this.
  10. Updating External links is also important before you update your site to HTTPS. If you are having many external links, in those cases It’s enough if you just focus on main links
  11. Creating a 301 redirect is very important so that all pages are permanently redirected your HTTPS website.
  12. Think you are having a lot of internal and external links and your ranking factor is based on your backlinks. Then how would you get your rank as the before page? You will not thats why its important to create a 301 redirect.
  13. Update Content Delivery Network if its included in your website, because most of the site do not have CDN.
  14. Update all the tools are you used for the previous page. Some are Email Marketing, Landing page generators, Transaction Emails likewise.
  15. If you have used PPC ads then please do update those links too, also updating landing page is very important. Check every landing pages are changed to HTTPS secure.
  16. You will sure have a Google Search Console and Google Analytics installed in your website, so do not forget to update it, Change the default URL to HTTPS in the Analytics and add the new site with HTTPS in the Search Console.

Hope you all have got a clear idea on migrating a website to HTTPS Secure. If you are not migrated, don’t wait for any other updates. Do it immediately for securing all your details and to shine in front of your competitors and be top always in the search rankings.

I love to hear from you digital marketing people, if there are any other ways  for migrating the website to  a secure website HTTPS.