What are the SEO Tools that Helps to Boost your Search Engine Rankings

Have you wondered anytime, how websites are ranking in the first page of Google when you search for a query? In which basis its ranking? SEO is the reason for it.

Having a bright presence of your website online will help you to achieve the ranking in the first page of the search engines. But performing this is not that easy. Through SEO you will be able to improve your business visibility to appear in search engines, You will be able to get much traffic to your website, and as you target particular keywords while doing SEO, your keywords gets ranked top while people search for the particular query.

Alternatively there are some SEO tools that will help you to improve your SEO. You can find a lot of tools available for the SEO, but these seven tools is really a gift for all webmasters to bring their keywords in the first page of the search engines. Today lets see the SEO tools that is helpful to boost your ranking in the search engine.

  1. SEMRush:

The major step in a SEO Campaign is Keyword research, for this you can use the SEMRush tool. Its available from $69.95 per month and also for more based on the need. Through this tool you will have many options to choose the best keywords for both free and paid campaigns.

Keyword Activity tool in SEMRush highlights keywords with less competition, and will point out the keywords that are difficult to rank for your keywords. Google Keyword planner is an alternative option for keyword research. But you won’t get that keyword details when compared to SEMRush.

  1. Authority Labs:

Analyzing How your keywords get ranked in search engines is really a daunting task. If you are doing it manually, it would be a time consuming process, this can be analyzed easier with this Authority Labs tool which starts from $99 per month. You will be able to get ranking tracking status in one tool. If you are performing Local SEO, then this tool is really a treasure for you.  

Alternative tool from google is Google Search Console. You can use this tool and find where the keywords are ranking and many more, This is absolutely free of cost.

  1. MozBar:

Social Media tracking, Custom searches, collecting specific type of links, Content intel, exporting data can be done easier using this free of cost tool- MozBar. Analyzing and noting down what your competitors are doing to bring their search ranking up is very important to boost your search engine rankings.

Alternative tool for this is SpyFu. You will be able to track your competitor keywords using this tool. This is not free, the pricing starts from $79 per month.

  1. Yoast:

Optimizing your content effectively will bring your search engine rankings top in search results. Many of them fail to do this and still checking for where they lag behind. Yoast is a wordpress plugin for free. This helps to optimize your content by displaying the error in colour difference and many more.

Alternative tool for this is Seobility. This resembles a site auditor. It will analyze your site and displays the links that are useful but with changes to be done.

  1. BuzzStream:

Link building is another important factor in a SEO Campaign. Link Building can  be achieved by many factors and ways, but doing it manually will consume more time, BuzzStream is a tool that will be helpful for the successful link building etiquette.use this to tool to contact influencers and for tracking down the multiple projects at a time. This tool pricing starts from $24 per month.

Alternative tool for link Building is Link Miner. This is a free chrome extension that displays all the broken links to fix it.

  1. Ahrefs:

Backlink analysis will help you to check from which medium you have gained backlinks and it is considered to be one of the important building block in SEO. This tool is very easy to use and also this site has over 12 trillion links for the indexing. And there are many more advantages of using this tool. You can check whether there is a gain or loss of backlinks on your own website. Ahrefs starts from $99 per month.

Alternate tool for Backlink analysis is Open Site Explorer which helps in finding backlinks, find damaging links and researches all backlinks.

  1. Ninja Outreach:

Outreaching is another important aspect in SEO, Letting your brand to know completely about it and influencing them will help you in boosting search engine rankings. Ninja Outreach is a tool that helps in finding the largest influencers in your targeted niche or market and connect with them at the time itself. This tool price starts from $49 per month.

Link prospector is the another tool to outreach your brand to your targeted audience. It analyzes the internet for resources, Pages, blogs, guest posts to know whether there are any outreach options possible.

Hope you guys got some clear idea about this tools. I think this seven SEO tools helped a lot in 2016 to boost your search engine rankings and show them top in search engines for a keyword search. I love to hear the opinion of you guys too, Please do drop it in the below comment section.

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