Improves SEO Ranking through Quality Content

The website must be high quality relevant content with comprehensive words is the way to improve your website ranking. For higher rank the website must produce more relevant content and also holistic content.

Report highlights the content factors that associate with higher ranking as follows:
• Semantically Comprehensive Content
• Long Form Content
• Media Enriched Content
• Easy To Read Content

Semantically Comprehensive Content
The content must be relevant to the topic as well as include several related terms. Not enough to focus on one keyword ranking. Google focus on semantics and context, it must better understand the semantic meaning.

Long Form Content
Survey found that websites with more words in the copy occupied higher search ranking positions than the sites having fewer words in their copy. Longer the content the more is was shared on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Media Enriched Content
The survey found the content enriched by other media like images, video correlates positively higher ranking. Also it found that post with images has more shares than post without images.

Easy To Read Content
The content of the sites must be easy to read which tends to correlate higher ranking. Survey result founds that the content on high rank URLs tends to be easier to read.

Other SEO Factors
• On-Page Optimization – keywords play an important role in on-page seo
• Back links
• Technical factors like title, description, meta tags and minimum page loading time.