Most Effective SEO Tactics


Digital marketers should know the SEO tactics and also to know to deal with it to accomplish the following business goals. The Eight Goals are

  1. Increase Lead Generation
  2. Increase Website Traffic
  3. Increase Traffic Conversion Rate
  4. Improve Natural Search Rakings
  5. Improve Brand Awareness
  6. Improve Analytics & Reporting
  7. Attribute Sales Revenue to SEO
  8. Increase Content Development

The most effective business tactics are,

  • Quality Content Creation
  • Frequent Website Updating
  • Keyword Research/Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Frequent Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Mobile Search Optimization

In the above SEO tactics we have some difficulties and time gap to make it and for to obtain their results. Here the small representation of difficulty ratings for the above tactics. These ratings have taken by small survey among the enterprise marketers.

  • Link Building: 41 percent
  • Keyword Research/Management: 39 percent
  • Quality Content Creation: 33 percent
  • Social Media Integration: 30 percent
  • Frequent Blogging: 28 percent
  • Frequent Website Updating: 26 percent
  • Mobile Search Optimization: 22 percent
  • Local Search Optimization: 13 percent

For better understanding here the graphical representation for difficulty rating of each tactics,effective-20versus-20difficulty

Hope this information is more useful to the digital marketers and also to the professionals who wants to become the digital marketer.