SEO Tip #15 – Keyword Research (KEI)

For today’s SEO Tip I wanted to share a Q & A on Keyword Research:

Question: Can you tell me how a phrase that has no competing pages
can have such a low KEI. I have found many phrases that have a low
KEI and little or no competing pages.

Answer: Each keyword phrase performs differently against its own
search landscape depending on the competitiveness of the industry.

So, use KEI as a quick method to bring the best windows of
opportunity to the top, but that’s all. Then forget about KEI and
start focusing on how competitive the phrase is AND how useful the
phrase is.

Can the phrases you are considering actually be used intelligently
and relevantly in your content? KEI is just a mathematical equation
that you can use to quickly sort results so (which can save you
hours of sifting.) As a rule the higher the KEI, the easier your job
will be.